Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Challenge on Productivity

One of my entries early this year was on productivity. It seems to have drawn some comments, one in particular from one of my co-bloggers at the Chicago Fed, Bill Testa. Subsequently, we were discussing the idea over breakfast recently and he suggested that we try to come up with some activities for the economics classroom to go with the stories we suggested in our posts.

We would like to encourage input from you, as well. If you've read either Kornbluth's Little Black Bag or the first few chapters of Vonnegut's Player Piano and have some ideas for lessons, classroom activities, or even discussion starters for use in your economics classroom, please share them. And you need not restrict your ideas to "productivity". The stories have possibilities for other concepts including incentives, growth, and unemployment. While we can't guarantee we'll include everything, we welcome any help we can get.

Our plan is to put together a "packet" of activities and post them. Our goal is to have our work completed sometime in August of 2006. We look forward to your input.

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