Tuesday, August 15, 2006

TV Worth Watching...

One of my fortuitous "finds" when I was teaching high school economics was a video series shown on my local PBS station featuring Nobel winning economist, Milton Friedman. Now the series, titled Free to Choose can be found on the web. The pointers for the ten programs (each running about an hour) are also on the web site. The programs each have two parts. The first is a brief "documentary" meant to illustrate and explain a concept. The second part is a discussion with Dr. Friedman and other luminaries.

The programs were well done, and I was always surprised by my students who were usually as interested in the discussion as in the first part of each program. Anyway, it's nice to see them available again.

Your thoughts, as always are welcome.

***Update 12-4-2006***
You can now view the series at The Idea Channel web site. Thanks to Greg Mankiw for the pointer.

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