Monday, September 24, 2007

Economics for the "Non-economist"

People will ask from time to time, "Why should I take economics?" They will frequently add that they don't intend to go into business - as if that had much to do with it.

I tell these people that economics is about choosing and decision-making. But mostly about human behavior, and understanding how people, individually and in groups, behave and choose. But there's more.

Today you can find an excellent post on the TCS Daily (link no longer operative) blog by Kate Smalkin. She describes herself as future theologian, and it would appear had a small revelation. I recommend it, and I welcome your observations.


Mike Fladlien said...

you are right...her point made on marginal analysis is excellent...can i also recommend tyler cowen's interview on'm using this article in class tomorrow...thanks

Tim Schilling said...

Which interview are you referring to? Please include the link so we can all get to it directly. And thanks.