Monday, June 30, 2008

Energy Economics

As you know, energy issues (particularly oil and gasoline) are great issues to use when teaching economics. The volatility of markets and the connection to larger themes (cartels, regional politics, etc.) make for interesting discussion and interested students.

Energy can offer other opportunities. Today's issue of The Wall Street Journal has a special report on energy. The lead story is a debate about the pros and cons of nuclear energy as a source. Most interesting is that both sides are written by the same author. By itself the debate is well-written and balanced, and worth a look for that reason.

But the link I've provided gives you access to a wide variety of articles, a podcast, and even an entertaining look at energy in the movies (think The Matrix and Back to the Future). I think if you've got the time to browse through this, you're bound to find an item you can use, and very likely more.

I look forward to your comments and observations.

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