Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keeping Things in Perspective

Given the state of the stock market, and the pervasive sense of pessimism, I thought some humor might be in order. This video (HT to Mark Perry) from Late Night with Conan O'brien might help us keep things in perspective as we approach Thanksgiving.



Julia said...

Tim,once again you lend direction and humor when it seems the "sky is falling". The direction to useful resources on teaching macro comes at an opportune time. And, yes that scarcity of time sky is falling feeling hits teachers just about now. Thank you also for the bond video. Students have a difficult time with thinking about buying debt--much like thinking like a supplier gives them trouble.
I intend to show the bond video within the next several days, the flight to safety in the past two days puts the bond market in the forefront. And now, DEflation --another tough thing for kids to grasp immediately, particularly how it affects debtors.
After all of this, the humor of how things used to be, and our impatience with so many things is just the right perspective. I've come to rely on your reading and research--These days keeping up with all the news is a herculean task. You've found things I've missed. Thank you Tim. Yours is the best blog for high school teachers!

bbrach1991 said...

Hi! I am a student currently taking AP Economics. The video link that you provided was a real eye-opener on how much we have come to take things for granted and it made it easier to understand how debt happens. Though I came across this because of a school assignment, I think I'm going to come here more often just for my help because it makes things so simple and easy to understand. Thank you!

julia said...

uplifting humor is good when the economy is not.

rdan said...

Best blog for high school students is true. Also try thinkfinity.

Aparna said...

that is really funny, thanks for this post.