Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ascent of Money

I've been watching this program online. Episode one of the four-part series is available in its entirety. There's also a two-hour "short version" of the entire series that is equally interesting - although it's organized a bit differently. Either way, I encourage you to watch this. Fergusson is a wonderful storyteller, and the subject is inherently interesting - doubly so in the current environment.

This post references the following Keystone Economic Principles:
4. Economic systems influence choices.
5. Incentives produce "predictable" responses.
8. Quantity and quality of available resources impact living standards.


Anonymous said...

We've seen it all here in Australia. Highly recommended. I liked it so much I bought the DVD.

Tim Schilling said...

I may have to do so, as well. They just posted the second episode on the web recently. If I get a chance, I'll watch it today.

The two-hour version is good, as well.