Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Audio and Visual

I've been busy the past couple days and haven't had time to get to the computer to blog. But I'll try to make up for it.

First, many of you regularly read Greg Mankiw's blog. That's where I found links to two sites that use rap music to explain economic concepts.  I have been aware of the first one for a while.

But the second one is new to me. It uses shorter pieces to cover a multitude of concepts.

And here is a history of the Federal Reserve (HT to ChartPorn). You can purchase a copy for your classroom, or download a very big pdf file. Either way, it offers some possibilities. I'll try to get another post up later today.


Robbie Mitchell said...

Hello! Thanks for the shout. Just a quick note: the Flat World Economics album actually contains full songs (not just snippets)--those are previews on our website. You'll also find previews of it in iTunes.


Robbie Mitchell
Rhythm, Rhyme, Results

Tim Schilling said...

Thank you for the correction. Keep up the excellent work.