Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Economics of the World Cup

While I know most of you are out of school, you may still be looking for interesting graphics to use during the forthcoming school year.

If you have soccer players, coach soccer, or like soccer, here is a very good graphic courtesy of The Mint. It shows some of the economics of the World Cup. This could be especially useful when discussing the economics of big events or sports facilities.  One could even dig further by researching the economics of previous World Cups or Olympics.  (One of my students said he had heard a story that the Athens Olympics was one reason Greece was in the condition it is in. We had a good, short discussion on whether or not that might be true.) 

Here is a link (free access at this writing) to a story in today's (6/17/10) edition of The Wall Street Journal that seems to confirm my student's comment.

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