Thursday, July 22, 2010

Complementary Goods and Marginal Utility

This recent Dilbert cartoon speaks to a lot of concepts.
But EconGirl at Economists Do It With Models does a much better job of talking about it than I ever could. I recommend you give a it few minutes.

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Economists Do It With Models said...

Thanks! :) I still contend that I would take the clown car over the ashtray on wheels. I also may have argued with a car rental company once because it tried to "upgrade" me to an SUV when I was driving from Miami to Atlanta. I told them it was pretty clear that I would be doing them a favor by taking the vehicle back to Atlanta, and thus I would comply if they would compensate me for what I would have to spend on gas. You are probably not shocked that they didn't so along with this...but they did give me a red Mitsubishi Eclipse that I nicknamed "please give me a speeding ticket."