Saturday, March 19, 2011

On an Enlightened Life

I recently received a copy of Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life, and while I have not yet started reading, this review in the American Conservative (HT Arts & Letter Daily) may have helped me decide where it belongs in my "to-be-read" pile.

I have often told students that those who choose to stereotype Smith as an advocate unbridled greed and enemy of the state need to read him; just as those who label Keynes as an "undercover socialist need to read him.  The two had more in common than many would believe.

This review discusses Smith's distrust of big business and his belief that government had a role to play in a market system. I encourage you to read this review - even if you have a problem with the source. You may choose to read or not read the book as a result of the review. I know my choice.

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