Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Back

And before you say "were you gone?", a combination of a family funeral, a round of the flu, a secondary respiratory infection and end of term for one of my on-line courses have made things a bit busy here.  I'm still recovering but I'm feeling better.  Nevertheless, I thought I would start out slow...

Here are a couple cartoons (HT to Economics and Ethics) to use in your class.  The first is a classic example of how constantly chasing efficiency can create its own trade-offs.

And this link will take to you an illustration from The Washington Post that could prove very useful when explaining the risk/return concept.

I'll try to get back in the swing of things during this week.  

1 comment:

Bob said...

Welcome back, Tim! Sorry the past few weeks have been so difficult, but glad to hear you're on the mend.