Sunday, August 21, 2011

Choice: Is Decision Fatigue Worth Talking About? (Your Choice)

I suspect most of us don't go very far into the decision-making process. After all, most of us are teaching a specific curriculum and time is a scarce resource. We have to choose. 

We probably discuss why we have to make choices and perhaps we introduce a decision-making model. But unless we're really into behavioral economics or we're enamored by categorizing people into optimizers or satisficers, we probably don't go much further.  That's okay. Nevertheless, here's a recent article from The New York Times that discusses something called decision fatigue.

The research highlighted in the article looks at the types of decisions we make when we have to make a lot of decisions. The results may not be of much immediate use in our classroom. But students often ask why we don't always make rational decisions. I think the article goes well with this TED Talk on The Paradox of Choice with Barry Schwartz. 
It may be something for an extra credit assignment. What do you think?

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