Wednesday, March 1, 2006

A Little Fiscal Policy

When you're covering fiscal policy in your survey course, nothing seems to generate a lively debate than discussion about "tax fairness." Whether discussing on a theoretical level, or as an adjunct to a "prepare your return exercise," the topic generally will get some reaction. I certainly don't claim to have the answers, but a couple of sources for information to include in your classroom are worth looking at.

First, the United States Treasury Department release of March 2, 2005 has some interesting information. While dated, it does provide some fodder for discussion.

Second, the Tax Foundation released some information back in October of 2005. If you're not familiar with this group, they publish the "Tax Freedom Day" information each year, stating on which day the average American taxpayer "stops working to pay taxes."

Thanks to The Amateur Economist and Curmudgeon blog for pointing these out.

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