Thursday, March 30, 2006

What to Teach

I was reading an interesting blog the other day. The author of "The Big Picture" is teaching Econ 101 and was looking for ideas. The article and the comments for the post are very interesting, and got me thinking.

Given the insight to what people think should be in Econ 101 at the college level, what do you think should be covered at the high school level? What is your approach?

1. "Cover as much as possible because much of this is important and my students might not go to college."
2. "Cover as much of the 101 course content to help my students have a better understanding."
3. "Cover only practical applications and personal economics because the 101 course seems to miss that."
4. "Something else entirely."

I understand that many of you are in states where the curriculum is governed by benchmarks and testing. But given the insights, what would you do?

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