Monday, January 28, 2008

Game of the States - Comparative Advantage

I ran across an interesting web site today (HT to Real Time Economics at The Wall Street Journal). I don't know how many of you remember a classic board game, Game of the States. I used to enjoy the game and I occasionally get the family to play on our game nights. The idea was that you had to go from state to state, purchasing goods each specialized in and truck it to another state for sale. It was also a good way to develop a sense of U.S. geography.

The Bureau of the Census just opened a web site that gives a true sense of the comparative advantage of each of the 50 states. It lists the industries each state leads in both in total sales and per capita. This is a prime example of "do what you do best and trade for the rest."

I think this could be a great resource for teachers at the upper elementary and middle school level. And it also has some possibilities at the high school level.

Take a look and share your ideas.

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juliechismar said...

Great resource Tim. I am chagrined to admit that I know little of what each state produces ( and exports). Often when teaching comparative advantage I have found myself at a loss of examples. I have bookmarked this page and the kids will find it very interesting.