Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Resources for the Classroom

First, I've run across a new blog that you might want to begin checking on from time to time. It is too early to tell how long it will run, but it looks like it has a great deal of potential. Econoblogging at Ohio University appears to be the backbone of a course designed to examine economic issues through blogs. The first significant post discussed trade-offs and already presented some interesting questions that could be used at either the university or high school level.

Second, former Federal Reserve vice-chairman and current Princeton professor, Alan Blinder, had a very good editorial in The New York Times on January 6. He speaks to the necessity for all the Presidential candidates to address the rising fears of globalization; while helping everyone understand the opportunity inherent in the process. He follows up with a checklist of social programs that can minimize the transition for the displaced. You may agree with some and disagree with others. The important part of the piece is that the U.S. should not turn its back on trade liberalization.

I look forward to your comments on both of these.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

Thank you for the link! I'm trying to keep up with my class (not an easy feat...) and will continue to post articles that should be of interest to your readers.

Donald Lacombe