Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Resources on the Financial Crisis

While I've not had time to review everything on the site, it has enough credibility that I have no qualms forwarding it to you.

The Carnegie Council has put together Essential Resources on the Global Financial Crisis. I have read some of these articles before. There are some that I agree with and others that I don't agree with; but all are well-written, and provide a solid examination of the issues. They are, at the very least, a valuable source of balanced arguments and prescriptions.

I hope you find time to get to theml. It is, after all, almost the end of the school year. But there's still time to put them on that summer reading list. (I suspect that's what I'll be doing.)

This post relates to the following Keystone Economic Principle:
8. Quantity and quality of available resources impact living standards.

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