Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Is What I Call Comprehensive

I realize it's getting down to the end of the year for those of you in the classroom. In fact, for those of you teaching AP Econ, the payoff is in less than ten days.

Nevertheless, I want to bring an excellent resource to your attention. (HT to Greg Mankiw.) Those of you who are regular readers of the on-line edition of The New York Times are probably already aware of it, but many of you may not be. Even if you don't use it this year, this will provide some excellent resources for next fall.

The site is a comprehensive overview of the credit crisis. There are links to well-written articles, video clips and a number of multi-media presentations on a variety of related topics. For those of you looking for deep background or even resources for student research projects, there are links to government reports, Federal Reserve publications, and coverage by other publications. This is comprehensive, and The New York Times is to be commended. I strongly recommend you spend some time mining this resource. I intend to.

Please share your thoughts both on the resource and how you might be using it.

This post relates to the following Keystone Economic Principles:
4. Economic systems influence choices.
5. Incentives produce “predictable” responses.
8. Quantity and quality of available resources impact living standards.

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