Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Disney + Marvel = New Levels of Fantasy?

Finally, as dad to three boys, I would be remiss if I didn't at least acknowledge yesterday's story in The Wall Street Journal (free content at this writing) about Disney's buyout of Marvel comics.

Again, it includes some neat graphics, slideshows and video that make for some interesting "cost-benefit" analysis exercise. And for those of you who have students playing any kind of stock market exercise, the big reaction has already passed, but look for bumps as the new owners begin to bring projects to the fore (this will likely happen over the next couple years - not the next semester). Now if only the Disney parent can arrange for Marvel superheroes to provide commentary on ESPN.

I can hear it now:
Spiderman: "Nothing but Net."
Incredible Hulk: Any reference to the Green Monster
X-Men: Hosting the X-Games?
Iron Man: References to the old Pittsburgh 'Steel curtain' defense.
Fantastic Four: Tennis doubles.

The possibilities are Marvelous. Any more you can think of?

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