Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deficit Neutrality in Your Budget

Greg Mankiw offers this post, using a personal finance analogy to explain deficit neutrality in the Federal budget. Give it a look and see if it might be useful. It's simple, it's neat and it's clear. What is your reaction?


Mark Witte said...

I thought this was a reasonable response:

Tim Schilling said...

That IS an excellent response - and one that probably does a better job of ordering likely preferences. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

"A better analogy might be that your child needs a lifesaving operation, and you're uninsured you don't have the cash to pay for it. So you plan to pawn off your new SUV to pay for the operation, but your conservative friend says you can't afford to do it...."

But with Obamacare you will not have the option to use your own money to save your childs life. The government will deny the operation outright and your child will die. The government is doing you a favor, don't you see, because your child probably would die anyway and the government has just saved you tons of money. Thank you, Barack.