Saturday, March 27, 2010

Still an Optimist

Gary Becker won the Nobel Prize for Economics and is an eminent member of the University of Chicago economics department and the Hoover Institute at Stanford. In fact, he is frequently mentioned along with Milton Friedman as one of the original members of what would come to be called The Chicago School. He is a great believer in markets, and The Wall Street Journal carried this interview with him in today's edition. It's worth a read.

I welcome your thoughts.

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Erin Janie said...

I agree with most of the stances Gary Becker takes, it probably doesn't hurt that he learned from Friedman. I don't know why anybody should find it interesting or surprising that even after the recent dip in the economy Becker still believes in Free Markets. Free markets aren't the probably, because they weren't being used in the time before the plummet. Maybe if the government gave the market a chance to pull itself out without interfering they'd realize it.