Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You must see this econ video!

Watch this, now!

(It's only four minutes long, but if you're like me, you'll be watching it and forwarding it a lot more.)

Sylvia Nasar had huge success with her book A Beautiful Mind about John Nash. Her follow up is due out this month and is Grand Pursuit: The Quest for Economic Genius. It concerns the effect of people (Dickens, Marx, Keynes, etc.) who worked on developing and applying economic thinking, and how this lead to the modern growth miracle.

It's Sylvia Nasar, it's a topic I like, I'd probably have picked up the book...but then I saw the promotional video, and now I feel like I'm waiting for the next installment of Harry Potter. Will I be dressed up as Alfred Marshall and be in line outside the bookstore at midnight the day the book comes out?

My only concern is who will direct the movie? I'll never forgive Ron Howard for screwing up the presentation of Nash Equilibrium in a move about John Nash!

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Mike Fladlien said...

You are right, this video is worth watching. I will also read the book.