Saturday, November 28, 2009

Interdependence Can Mean Independence

As dad to a young man with a disability, I am often drawn to stories about people with disabilities who find or are given ways to succeed and achieve a level of independence. And when I don't find them on my own, others bring them to my attention. This story I found on my own. It's from today's edition of The Wall Street Journal (free content at this writing). The story chronicles the ups and downs of a Toledo concern that hires and provides jobs for the disabled. Far from the normal "sheltered" work environment, this firm has managed to secure some nice contracts from auto manufacturers, even securing the "Q1" designation from Ford as a supplier.

But, as we know, the recession has hit the auto industry particularly hard. That has rippled through to Lott Industries, and to its employees. The result is that the firm is struggling and the workers, who sometimes don't understand how the larger world impacts their world, have to adjust.

I think the article's value lies in its ability to show us how economic activities and choices ripple through to places we don't expect. I highly recommend it, and I welcome your thoughts.

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