Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just in Time for Black Friday...

there is a series on Big Think on The Science of Savings. I will have to admit, I just found it and I've not had time to do more than peruse it.  But the subjects and the people being interviewed are both enough to draw my attention. 

If it's half as good as I think it will be, it should offer some useable bits and pieces, particularly for personal finance courses.  I'll try to comment here once I've gone through it.  Please share your thoughts, as well.

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Tim Schilling said...

First impression.

I have watched several episodes. The information is very good and really can be used to start discussions.

The episodes are short - four to six minutes or so, so far.

The format, unfortunately is "talking heads." But the short
length of each episode should keep that from being too cumbersome if you're selective.