Saturday, April 17, 2010

Has the Recession Ended?

While the end of the recession has not officially been dated, many economists are pegging it at or about June of 2009. And there are some interesting aspects to the discussion. There are two items regarding the issue in The Economist. Both are worth your quick review.

First is this one, which deals with the basics of calling a recession. It helps put to bed the idea that recessions are only a matter of Gross Domestic Product measurement. And it speaks to the concerns of policy-makers.

The second item is a blog post. It deals with one observer's concerns about this recovery, if it is a recovery, and the reason for continued concern.

In themselves, both of these are probably not going to contribute much to your class. However, they could provide a set-up to discuss the impact of policy on the business cycle.

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Julie said...

Thank you Tim. The AP macro graphs are a great addition to the review! And the kids will tell you they prefer the You Tube version of graph review than me filling the whiteboard with graphs!