Friday, April 23, 2010

Prisoners Dilemma and Comic Books

First, for those of you who discuss game theory, have you ever considered using comic books? The Eco-comics blog has a classic example in this post. I'm not familiar with the heroes in the featured post, but there's a link to a Batman scenario that will be more familiar to those of us who read comics a few decades ago.

Depending on your students, it might be useful.

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Erin Janie said...

We learned about Prisoners Dilemma in class this year and at first I found it hard to understand. But looking at this comic strip made it seem much more frank and put it right out there a lot more simply. I also thought using a deck of playing cards in class helped to. Where each student has a red card and a black card, and depending which color they played and their partner played, they could get $0, $3 or $8. Thanks, I found this helpful!